Annual Renewal

Annual Renewal is the time of year when you tell Unilever how you’d like to use your Benefits Envelope for the year ahead.

At the same time, you can use your pay to buy other benefits.

Annual Renewal runs in July and August.

Every Unilever employee gets a Benefits Envelope on top of their pay

It’s worth 25% of your pensionable earnings (your basic pay and, for some people, other allowances).

You can use it to save for pension, give yourself extra taxable pay or both.

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Changes you can make

There are some changes that you can only make during Annual Renewal and some changes that you can make at any time.

Getting help to choose

The Unilever Benefit Choices website is designed to help you make your choices during Annual Renewal. But you can explore your choices, use the modeller and watch recordings of last year’s webinar throughout the year.

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Unilever Benefit Choices