Manage your pension

You’ll get the most out of your pension if you take some time to look after it.

Check your choices and change your contributions

You can check your pension saving choices at My Reward. Outside of Annual Renewal you can only make certain changes to your pension saving. You can:

  • Make a one-off extra voluntary contribution
  • Start paying extra voluntary contributions
  • Increase any fixed-term extra voluntary contributions you’re already making
  • Change any variable extra voluntary contributions you’re already making
  • Stop saving into your pension

During Annual Renewal you can make choices about how you want to use your Benefits Envelope for the year ahead. To explore your options in more detail, go to the benefit choices page. Complete and email us the extra voluntary contributions form to start or change extra voluntary contributions.

Your benefit choices

Review what you have and change your investments

To find out how much you've saved up so far, where it’s invested, and how much you might get at retirement, you can use the Fidelity PlanViewer.

Use PlanViewer to:

  • See how much money you've saved
  • Move your money into different investment funds
  • Change your selected retirement date
  • Use tools to help you plan for your retirement

To register for PlanViewer you will need your Fidelity reference number, and your National Insurance number.

Access PlanViewer

PlanViewer contact

If you have any questions or problems using PlanViewer, please contact the Fidelity Pensions Service Centre:

0800 3 68 68 68
If calling from outside the UK:
+44 (0)1737 838 585

Transferring pensions

You may be able to move your pension savings from one scheme to another. If you want to move another pension into the Fund, or move your Unilever pension savings to another scheme, go to the transferring your pension page.

Keep us updated

You will need to let us know if your details change, or if you want to stop saving in the Fund.

Please use Workday to make changes to your name, address or marital status.

For other changes, use the forms below:

Completed forms should be emailed to the address shown on the form.

Go to forms