Working overseas

Transferring overseas and coming back.

Transferring overseas

If you transfer to another Unilever company outside of the UK you will stop building up pension in the Unilever UK Pension Fund. Then you will become a ‘deferred’ member.

When you’ll hear from us

When you leave Unilever we’ll send you newsletters to keep you updated with what’s happening in the Fund.

Before you leave

Make sure that you check that the details we hold for you on Workday are correct. It’s particularly important to check that we have the right address and a personal email address for you.

Tell us about any personal changes

We keep some information about you on file so we can stay in touch throughout your life and pay you the right benefits at the right time.

This includes your:

  • Address
  • Email address
  • Bank details
  • Information about any spouses or children

If any of these details have changed recently, please tell us as soon as possible.

Find out how to update your details

Returning from work overseas

If you return from working for Unilever outside of the UK, you will be treated as a new joiner. This means that you can use your Benefits Envelope to save for pension in the Retirement Savings Plan or take extra taxable pay.

If you built up pension in the Final Salary Plan or DB Career Average Plan when you last worked in the UK, we will look after your pension for you until you retire. We’ll generally increase it every year to help it keep up with the rising cost of living (inflation).

Find out how your pension increases before you retire